King of the Hill teaser


So the last update of King of the Hill brought small changes and a bug fix that was long¬†overdue. We’ve heard from a lot of people, that while the game is fun, it does lack content. So currently we’re working on a huge update that hopefully will satisfy all gamers out there, and here’s a teaser:

The first image shows the basic UI of the level editor. The red path indicates how the resulting hill will look like.

The second image is the “Play” part of the level editor, where the user has the ability to try the level.

Some other planned features are more landscapes (sand, stone, mud etc. that affects the bike differently), user submitted levels (with highscores per level), 20 included levels so that you can get a hang of the bike while going other ways than up (these will of course be editable), and so on.

The actual editor is working very well even though it’s in an alpha state. But please be patient since we won’t release this until it is finished.

You are however very welcome to contact us (e-mail or twitter) if you have any ideas or other requests that you’d like to see in the game.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress here.